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Hebo (Teaser Trailer)

Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Hebo explores the work of Sam Ezell, an outsider folk artist in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Sam has been a maintenance worker at the Daniel Boone Village since  1970, and is a lifelong collector of folk art and antiques. If he isn’t working or junk hunting, Sam is painting. He started at the urging of Bernice Sims, a folk artist from Brewten, Alabama, who told Sam she was going to be mad if he didn't paint her a picture. He painted her a sunflower and hasn’t stopped. In 2015, Sam had a stroke that blinded him in one eye, and he feared he’d have to quit painting. Sam began experimenting with painting large abstracts as a way to improve his vision, and has been hooked ever since. Hebo chronicles Sam's surprising artistic journey and explores the creative spirit in the face of adversity.